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2 Minute Read: Alianz consulting achieves a 200% productivity gain by implementing requirements management

Posted by Deepesh Shah on 12 May 2018 15:30:57 BST
Deepesh Shah

Alianz is a major consultancy that specialises in the delivery of comprehensive IT projects for specific verticals. Major clients from their multinational portfolio include IBM, Chevrolet and Shell, and their expertise lies in projects that involve systems integration, cloud solutions, collaboration and business intelligence.

The consulting services of Alianz specializes in enabling significantly improved effectiveness of their customers’ project implementation. They minimize risks and deliver both cost-efficient and quality-driven solutions for their clients.

Alianz is not only a leading provider of cost-effective services, but they do it at a ‘faster-than-industry standard’ turnaround through more effective resource management. For any consulting firm with a fast-increasing customer portfolio and complex project requirements, it is crucial that the efficiency of every project is maximized and that all requirements or specifications are accurate and documented consistently.

Before deciding to implement a requirements management tool, Alianz was using general-purpose tools such as Word or Excel. Thus, a solution with an easy-to use interface and access to customisable template options to meet varied project needs was key to their decision-making when reviewing different tools available.

Alianz was interested in a 100% cloud-based solution to best serve their multinational client base and to enable multi-user access for relevant project stakeholders and change management in real-time from multiple locations. After a thorough market review, Alianz selected RequirementONE, which dominated with its intuitive user interface and wide-ranging template customization capabilities.

Alianz were able to significantly increase their performance efficiency and maximise value for their investment almost immediately. Thanks to implementing requirements management software, Alianz succeeded in minimizing risk, improving quality and gaining efficiency. They can ensure that none of their client’s requirements are incomplete, incorrect or lost at any time.

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